Canadian Art – Eleanor Bond

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I have subscribed to Canadian Art. I did not know what to expect as I have only had art books and never art magazines in my hands.

Surprisingly there was an article about my painting teacher. She is a very know artist in Canada and has an extensive career. Funnily the exhibition that is reviewed is the one she was working during the year.

Her work has been previously concentrated on urban landscapes and their interpretation, this time she is working with abstractions as well as sculptural elements.There is a lot of colour in her works, saturated primary or secondary colours.There are 3D elements as well as light relief work.

Sadly I can not say that I relate to her work. Maybe because I know her as a teacher and this experience is tinting my opinion. It seems to me full of personal codes, symbols and shapes that I have a hard time discerning. However one piece that is featured in the magazine is more touching ot me:

Fear of Living Too Long, 2010 Oil on gessoed paper 49.5 x 38.1 cm.

I love the composition and stroke movement as well as the cyan colour.


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